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Let me say it to ya straight, kid. All kinds o’ scum wind up here in this side o’ the galaxy. Crime lords, murderers, warmongers, pirates, you name it.They all thrive and rule here, kid.

'Cept, well, they would, if it weren't for her. One name, kid, there’s one name that can make the toughest badass this side o’ the galaxy piss their trousers and get off planet faster than you can sneeze. No one want’s a piece of her cuz frankly, it’s suicide. She put away so many of them that the rest of ‘em are all hiding. Shame for them, they all have a price tag on their heads. Only a matter of time ‘fore she pays ‘em a visit, and either end up in chains, or dead.

You’re not one of them, kid, but suffice to say kid, you see her around, keep your head low, and be on your best behavior.

Her name?

Samus Aran.

Thanks to [o-8]’s Samus art for giving me inspiration for this. It was so much fun!

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